Version 3.0

Yeast Anchored Combination Site Analysis

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STEP 1: Enter target (co-expressed) genes

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Paste gene IDs (max. 5000 gene IDs):

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STEP 2: Enter background genes

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All 7130 genes in the oPOSSUM database

OR a random set of  genes from the oPOSSUM database

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STEP 3: Select transcription factor binding site profiles

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Select anchoring TF


Select TFs to find in combination with anchoring TF
All fungi profiles with a minimum specificity of  bits (min. 8 bits)

OR select specific fungi profiles:

STEP 4: Select TFBS search parameters

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Matrix score threshold:
OR enter score threshold % (min. = 75%)

Amount of upstream sequence: OR enter custom values bp (max. = 1000)

Maximum inter-binding distance (max. = 250)

Number of results to return:
Top results
OR only results with Z-score >= and Fisher score >= (Default values have been chosen based on empirical studies)

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Z-score Fisher score

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Depending on parameters selected and server load, the analysis may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to complete.