Version 3.0

Fly Single Site Analysis

Select Analysis Parameters

STEP 1: Enter target (co-expressed) genes

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Paste gene IDs (max. 5000 gene IDs):

OR upload a file containing a list of gene identifiers (max. 5000 gene IDs):

STEP 2: Enter background genes

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All 14832 genes in the oPOSSUM database

OR a random set of  genes from the oPOSSUM database

OR paste gene IDs:

OR upload a file containing a list of gene identifiers:

STEP 3: Select transcription factor binding site profiles

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All profiles from the following tax groups:
  insects   vertebrates  with a minimum specificity of  bits (min. 8 bits)

OR select specific profiles:

insects vertebrates


All profiles with a minimum specificity of bits (min. 8 bits)

OR select specific profiles:


STEP 4: Select TFBS search parameters

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Conservation cutoff:

Matrix score threshold:
OR enter score threshold % (min. = 75%)

Amount of upstream / downstream sequence:
OR enter custom values / bp (max. = 3000 / 3000)

Number of results to return:
Top results
OR only results with Z-score >= and Fisher score >= (Default values have been chosen based on empirical studies)

Sort results by:
Z-score Fisher score

Press the Submit button to perform the analysis or Reset to reset the analysis parameters to their default values.
Depending on parameters selected and server load, the analysis may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to perform.